AUSBARREL Sticky Balsamic Products

AUSBARREL Sticky Balsamic products available include a 250ml glass bottle for retail sales. There is also foodservice offerings in 250ml and 1000ml PET squeeze bottles as well as a pourable 5000ml PET bottle. Excitingly, the new 10ml sachets are now available.

Retail (250ml Glass Bottle)

250ml Retail

250ml glass bottles are available in all varieties. Perfect to stock in your retail store, customers will respect your choice to keep high quality, gourmet Australian made products.

Ausbarrel Sticky Balsamic Original Foodservice Bottle.jpg

250ml, 1000ml,
5000ml PET bottles

The 250ml and 1000ml PET squeeze bottles, as well as the 5000ml PET pourable bottles are available in all varieties for you to use in your
restaurants, cafes or function centres.

Ausbarrel Sticky Balsamic Original Sachet.jpg


10ml sachets are the only choice when looking at options for airlines, single serving salads or cheese, as well as many other uses. The easy way to make food taste even better, easily.